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Thursday, May 14, 2009

You recycled WHAT?!

Last month, Wheaton had a recycling extravaganza - for six hours, residents could drop off all kinds of "unusual" items for recycling. I recently saw a list of these "unusual" items, and got a kick out it. So without further ado, here it is....remember, just six hours:

· Nearly 8,000 pounds of scrap metal
· 143 American flags to be appropriately retired by the American Legion
· 46 fire extinguishers
· 342 eye glasses and 8 hearing aids
· Approximately 8 pounds of keys
· 109 sealed lead acid batteries
· 37 bikes
· 20 pairs of crutches, 4 wheelchairs, 5 walkers
· 215 cell phones
· 216 ink jet printer cartridges
· 6,200 pounds of books and cardboard for recycling

In addition, residents dropped off a staggering 37,688 pounds of electronics on April 18 during Wheaton’s twice-a-month electronic recycling collection.

Am I the only one a little blow away by this? I'm not sure what strikes me more - how much stuff was recycled, or how much stuff probably isn't recycled most days, most places. Good job gang. 


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