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Friday, August 7, 2009

Winter Hats?- WPF

My toddler wanted us all to wear hats yesterday. He picked out one for me (his winter hat) and for himself and for his brother. We played "Polar Bears" for most of the morning. And then we took off the hats and pretended to be sharks. :) I tried to capture the three of us with our hats on with my cell phone camera. It happens to be the only camera I have right now. Obviously, I am not that good at self-portraits with my cell phone. Maybe I should practice more. Or maybe I should just buy a new camera. We could call it my 1yr. old's birthday present (which is next week-Ahhhh!!!). Anyone have a good point-and-shoot they could recommend? I was thinking about getting a Nikon 'cuz I have had bad luck with Canons. (But it might just be me.) Any thoughts?

If you'd like to join in, post your own Weird Picture Friday photo to your blog and link back to us. Then, leave a comment so all the Dupage Mamas can stop by your blog and have a laugh. Don't have a blog? No problem. E-mail us the picture and we'll feature it right here in an upcoming Weird Picture Friday post!

We would love to get some pictures from all of you. Please send us your own weird pictures. You know you got em'!!


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