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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What adventures await

It started yesterday morning with a trip to the library to register for the summer reading program (side note: have you done this? Almost every library has one for kids of all ages and grown ups too! You get prizes for reading!!).

While there we checked out a book called From Cow to Ice Cream. A just loves learning about how things work and, well, so do I. Back at home we were pouring over the book when one particular page caught his eye. This picture, to be precise. I tried turning the page but he went back. "Read that part again" he said, pointing to the big mountain of raw sugar. It was pretty fascinating. I read it again. And again. And again. Every now and then we'd make it a few pages further in the book, but we always kept returning back to that mountain of sugar. And again. And again.

After awhile we really had exhausted all there was to see , so we turned to the internet. A happy hour or so was spent pouring over all the articles and pictures the internet could supply us on the topic of "raw sugar stored in warehouses." That's when we realized that our new sand table could easily be transformed into our very own raw sugar warehouse, complete with the necessary trucks and diggers. And so we did, spending another happy hour on our balcony with "sugar."

Even after it was time to come in, A spent the whole day using his hands and arms as cranes, transporting this and that, and talking constantly about raw sugar warehouses.

It was incredibly fun, even from my point of view. It kept us busy and entertained, imagining and learning. Plus you have to admit, a mountain of raw sugar stored in a warehouse and utilizing trucks and diggers is just pretty cool.

So today when we were out and about we just couldn't help but stop by the library to claim our prize for the first 12 books read...and pick up Cheese: From start to finish. I wonder what adventures we'll have today...

Have you run into any spontaneous adventures or good books lately?


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