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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Children's Museum Moving??

The Dupage Children's Museum: Bubbles galore, scarfs in a wind tunnel, giant Tinker Toys, ... A toddler paradise. From a mom's perspective, it is loud and their choice of paint colors is less than subtle. But still, the wonder in my son's eyes when he sees the ginormous water table makes it all worthwhile.
When you live in a climate such as ours, it is practically essential to have a place to go where kids can run and play and moms can have a break from the daily task of keeping them entertained.
I used to go there with friends and their kids. But I quickly learned that it is just a bit too loud and chaotic there to engage in any kind of meaningful conversation while keeping your eye on your kids. So more often now, we go by ourselves so I can give my full attention to my boys and engage in the play with them.

But this staple of Dupage County is at risk of going away. Or at the very least moving further west. According to a recent article in the Naperville Sun,the recent state of the economy has led to decreased giving to the museum putting them at risk of not being able to make the mortgage payment on their garishly painted space. The city of Naperville has offered some financial assistance but it may not be enough.
The museum is currently looking into spaces in Naper Settlement and Aurora as potential new homes for their many child-oriented, learning-friendly exhibits.

Thanks to Grandma, we have had a pass to the museum for the last couple years. And it seems that my son finds a new favorite exhibit each time we go. His puzzle-loving mind loves the light boards with shapes he can place and configure to his little heart's content. Or the blocks upstairs where he can build a giant road and no one is gonna ask him pick them all up before he moves on to the next thing. And a trip wouldn't be complete without wet sleeves from carefree play in the water and bubbles. It does my momma-heart good to see him run in with his eyes wide with wonder, anxious to start the adventure. And he's learning in the process and he doesn't even know it! It would be a horrible shame for the museum to move out of Dupage County or even to a place less accessible for many moms.
We have come to depend on it as our winter activity stand-by and even our "it is WAY TOO hot outside" activity too. I would seriously hate to see it go away.

Here are some of the activities going on at the museum this summer. Go explore and create with your little adventurers. Support the museum and keep this local mommy-resource in Dupage County.

Preschool Summer Camp: 8 weekly sessions beginning June 15th
Daily open studio sessions and storytimes
Seminar for Parents on April 23rd
Family Fun Nights
And so much more!!!

Oh, and check out their blog for inside museum info and cool kids' activity ideas.

Do you have a favorite place for active kids that you'd like to share with Dupage Mamas? Send us your posts if you'd like to be a guest blogger, or your ideas if you want us to take the reigns.


Catherine April 6, 2009 at 3:14 PM  

I hope it doesn't go away! Thanks for the info, Farrah.

Heather April 6, 2009 at 3:16 PM  

I had no idea they might move! We haven't been in a while. We'll have to go back and show some support!

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